Laser Cutting
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Laser Cutting

Making use of Laser is an effective way to cut sheets and this method is called Laser Cutting.  This method is better for materials with different physical and mechanical composition like plastic (Acrylic glass, rubber, Plexiglas, komadur, stiroakrilonitril, Teflon, Ekoplast, Komatex, body armor, veneer, , card board, polystyrene and many more), wood(plywood, MDF,cardboard, venners, e.t.c). At Peak Sign, we offer you varieties of options for manufacturing both complex and detailed projects. The total amount you will pay is dependent on the quantity of products that you order for. 

Allow us be a part of your team, our competency in Laser cutting, processing and engraving will exceed your expectations.  Are you considering getting a full service or you want just a part service? We are here to cater to your needs. With our top notch facility, we bring you the quality laser engraving and cutting services. We keep up with the latest trends in the laser industry so we always upgrade our laser equipment with modern technologies. 

Our work cuts across various industries like building, decorative and automotive markets. We can give you quality parts made to your taste at affordable prices, we also make a custom design just for you depending on what you want. 

At Peak Sign we go extra mile to turn your ideas into gold, bring them in any format you have,including hand sketches,full blueprint, DXF file, cardboard templates or even sample parts. Contact us at Peak Sign for more details on our laser cutting technology; we are the best on Laser cutting all over Canada. 

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