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About Us

Peak Sign is manufacturing company that offers laser cutting and engraving services. Our company is located inScarborough, Ontario and we are known for delivering quality services and products to different companies and industries. Our competent and efficient staff can bring your idea into reality at a very affordable price.  We work from large companies like aerospace producersto small companies like hobbyists. Our clients can attest to our quality services at an affordable price, no matter how much you pay you get value. Let us turn your idea into something big, send us a file and you can be sure that you will get a quality job.

Why we are different from others
Serving our clients accurately is our watchword but much more than that it is what we stand for as a company. Giving you the best services is as important to us as any of our equipments. Our positive approach to services is why you can depend on us to meet and exceed beyond your expectations. 

We are different because…

We Give A Fast Response To Your Request
Our competent and experienced material processing staff will respond quickly to your request with a quote, be rest assured that you will get an affordable price for a quality work. This is just the first phase at delivering to you an excellent job that suits your taste at the appropriate time. 

We Confirm Your Order
We always confirm your order with a detailed outline of the cost, the type of work and the date it is due. This is to assure you of the progress and security of your project. You can always contact us via email or phone call and a contact assigned to you will be available immediately. 

We Plan and Schedule
We have great planners who give their time to developing a detailed framework of your job, this team will verify all the materials needed, check the drawings and ensure that the processing of your job is done accurately. 

Efficient Production
We make use of practical approaches that are flexible and enable us get your job done on time. Our expeditor along with the production manager work hand in hand to see that you get the best by making use of different processing and cutting stations.

We Bring You Quality
No matter the quantity of the job, we do not compromise on quality as we stick to inspection standards made for our clients. 
In Toronto, PeakSign is well known specialized manufacturing company. We serve a large number of customers with varieties of applications by offering them quality and full service. Peak Sign isn’t just another name in the industry, we are here to meet the needs of our clients and make our company the talk of the town.  We are very open to learning how tomake our services better such that we can exceed your expectations, let us prove that to you and you will never regret it. 

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